With AI Toolbox, you can use the power of AI both in the Unity Editor and in your shipped games. It allows you to generate C# scripts from text descriptions, and generate images from text descriptions, including seamlessly tiling ones, right in your project.

Using AI in the Unity Editor

ChatGPT is a powerful AI model that can generate code and images from text descriptions. It can be used to generate scripts for any purpose, including game mechanics, behavior, UI, etc.

With AI Toolbox you can generate scripts and they will be automatically integrated into your Unity Project. This streamlined process allows you to focus on the creative aspects of your project while reducing the time spent on manual coding.

You can also edit any script with AI Toolbox, both generated and hand-written.

DALL•E is an advanced AI model that generates images from text descriptions. It can be used to generate textures, UI elements, reference images, etc. AI Toolbox allows you to do this right in your Unity project, even generating seamlessly tiling images.

Using AI Toolbox, you can also generate shaders and UI documents from simple text descriptions.

New! We’ve added support for Google Bard. Now for any question or script you can use both ChatGPT and Bard! Check out Bard Setup Guide for more details.

Some ways to use AI Toolbox

  • Boost Productivity: Speed up development with quick script generation.
  • Learn to Code: Understand C# and Unity concepts through generated scripts.
  • Starting Point: Already know coding? Start with generated scripts as a base with boilerplate code.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Test ideas and mechanics efficiently, without spending time on manual coding.
  • Iterative Development: Generate scripts and iterate on them as needed by editing with the AI.
  • Freeform Chat: ask ChatGPT or Bard to explain code, how to do things in Unity or just Chat with AI about anything.

Important Notices

This asset works with both free and paid OpenAI accounts, but we recommend checking if you have remaining OpenAI usage quota before buying. To check, please enter a prompt in the OpenAI Playground. If you get an error, you probably have exhausted the free API credit and may need to purchase more in the OpenAI Billing section.

Please be aware that both ChatGPT and Bard, being AI models, may sometimes generate scripts that cannot be compiled and will show errors in the Unity Console. While we strive to improve the accuracy and functionality of the generated scripts, we have no direct control over the AI’s output.

Using ChatGPT in a game

With AI Toolbox, you can use ChatGPT in your shipped games as well. It can be used for anything from NPC dialogue to generating game mechanics. Read more about the runtime usage of ChatGPT here.

Need Help?

We hope you enjoy using the AI Toolbox! Please join our community of developers to share your experience and get help from other users.

If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, please check out the following resources:

  • FAQs page, where the most common issues and their solutions as well as most common questions are described.
  • Contact us on Discord or email if you still have questions.